Corporate Branding: 6 Crucial Design Rules to Remember

Co-founder and creative director of leading London agency SomeOne, Simon Manchipp gives his top branding design tips
Award-winning branding studio SomeOne recently designed a striking adaptive identity for London-based start-up advertising agency, BigEyes. The visuals feature a series of data-powered generative irises that change depending on their application and were designed in collaboration with digital artists Field.
Here, founding partner and executive creative director at Someone, Simon Manchipp, shares  six quick branding tips for corporate design…
Rule one:
Don’t obsess over letterheads. They’re not going to blow the client’s mind.
Rule two:
‘Real world’ applications win out over flat layouts every time. Get your designs into Adobe Photoshop, then get them on a bag. We’ve never had a lukewarm response to putting a brand identity on a bag. They seem to be the sure-thing application.
Branding agency SomeOne showed start-up advertising agency Big Eyes what its logo would like on a bag
Rule three:
Adobe Illustrator is not the only fruit. Mix it up – it’s amazing what you can do with generative design, for instance.
Rule four
We’re big fans of LiveSurface. Try your branding out on different situations and see what it looks like in the ‘real world’.
SomeOne’s logo for Big Eyes also makes for a great set of shelves. "With this project, we thought there was a great case
for the core brand property – the eyes – to be messed with."
Rule five
Keep on keeping on. Sometimes you hit the jackpot first time, but often the longer you keep going the better it gets. It takes 10,000 hours to be classed as an expert in anything. Start racking them up!
Rule six
Don’t panic. It’s only design. We’re not making parachutes. No one’s going to die.
SomeOne’s branding design for Big Eyes can be applied to a range of different applications
SomeOne’s logo design for Big Eyes
Generative technology was used to create the adapative branding for Big Eyes
Business card designs for Big Eyes, created by SomeOne